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Women's Health

We consider the unique physiology and biochemistry of women, alongside lifestyle and environmental factors, to promote optimal health and wellbeing. Women’s Health through Functional Medicine offers a transformative approach to healthcare, prioritizing the unique needs and conditions of women at all stages of life.


How Functional Medicine Benefits Women

Women face health issues that are unique to their biological sex, like menstrual problems, fertility challenges, menopause symptoms, and more. The functional medicine model is well-suited to address the complex hormonal orchestrations and delicate equilibriums underlying female health and reproduction.

Functional medicine practitioners use advanced hormone testing to uncover the source hormonal abnormalities contributing to women’s health disorders. Treatment protocols are then customized with nutritional support, stress reduction techniques, targeted supplementation, and/or pharmaceutical interventions if necessary.

The functional approach also emphasizes the prevention of common female troubles before they start through proper nutrition, digestion support, exercise, and stress management. Optimizing these foundational pillars of health can profoundly impact hormone balance and reduce disease risk.

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